Sunday, February 26, 2012

The List

On my birthday this year, I realized that I only have one year till I am 30 (yikes).  There are so many things I have not done.  So after two margaritas my friends and I made this list of things I need to do.  I have until February 11, 2013 to get it done.

1. Zombie Crawl

2. St. Patty's Day Parade

3. Ultimate Girls Night

4. Vegas

5. Skinny Dip

6.  Bikini by Vegas

7. Tailgate the Broncos

8. off Broadway Play

9. Slumber Party

10. Spray Tan

11. Picture under a Rainbow

12. Drink Wine on a Date

13. Ask a Guy Out

14. Wear High Heels

15. Tour the Molly Brown House

16. Swing Dance at the Mercury Café

17. Kiss in the rain

18. California/ Nevada Roller Coaster

19. Road Trip

20. Irish Car Bomb

21. 5 K

22. Rockies Fireworks Field

23. Day Drinking

24. Go to Snooze

25. Eat at the Cherry Cricket

26. Ft. Collins Brew Tour (even though I don’t like beer)

27. Hike at Bear Lake

28.  Buy a Bike

29.  Go Commando

30.  Make dinner for a guy

I have already started on number 6.  I cancled my cable, joined a gym and I am keeping a food journal.  I am walking on treadmil and trying to get get ready for a 5k. 

                                                                               Coming Soon!

I am getting ready for the 7k Run for the Green coming up on March 11th!