Wednesday, April 11, 2012

#25 Cherry Cricket

Hey guys, sorry it has been awhile.

I totally went to the Cherry Cricket 3 weeks ago and never blogged about.  My bad:(

I just was not very excited about the post because I did not love the experience.  It was not the company,  I went with some pretty great people.  I was on spring break and I went with several teachers from my school.  Poor Ryan was the only guy, but we had great conversation and afterwards we went to see the Hunger Games. 

The atmosphere was just like a regular bar and grill.  The weather was nice and we sat in a sun room.  Our server was good but not great. I was a little bummed because, I was really excited about going.  I had seen it on the Food Network.  I order the little cricket burger with cheese, onion, and bacon.  The little cricket burger is a smaller patty, but they don't have a smaller bun.  So I felt like I had an over sized bun. 

In February I went to My Brother's Bar near the REI in Denver.  They had better food, better prices, and a better atmosphere.  I would rather be there.

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  1. When I'm home we should go to My Brother's Bar...sorry the experience wasnt better

  2. Okay Ladies,

    I am on summer break and now I have plenty of time to post.