Sunday, March 11, 2012

#21 a 5k

Just like Rocky I am a winner in life!

The day started at 8:00 am.  That is the time I left my house this morning.  I picked up my friend, Crystal, and we headed to the light rail.  I was a little nervous about walking a full 7K; but I had my head band and skirt on and I was ready to go!

Crystal and I are waiting for the light rail.
The light rail was filled with people riding to the race, and while we were riding though the city we saw even more people walking to the start line. It seemed like 2000 people were at this thing. I had a blast. It took us some time to register and find where to line up, but we started in wave 3 around 10:30. We followed the masses of people all around the city.
The first mile went really fast... and I was stilling feeling great. Crystal and I were chatting and I am glad that I have been going to the gym. I am going to be honest here. I was very aware of the fact that I was the largest girl there. But I felt like that inspired me. I was the largest girl there and I was keeping pace with the other people.
Mile two: We started to slow down, but we didn't care. We took stock of how we were feeling and my legs were not hurting but my foot was bothering at the top. Right before mile three, I had to go to the bathroom and we stopped at the massive RTI that was along the route.
Mile three and four: The end of the race caught up to us. We were followed for the rest of the race by a medic, a police car, and a long line of cars. We were not alone at the end, there were about five other girls there with us. We had a little over a mile to go and I decided I was not going to care about the end.
The finish line: I was the absolute last person to cross the finish line, at least I didn't quit. And my friend Crystal, who finished a second before me said. "I think it is great that we were last, we can only get better from here ;)
After the race, Crystal and I spent an hour looking up more races and we decide we were going to try one race a month this summer.

After the race!  Final time 1:30
Next week, St. Patty's Day Parade. I think I will be able to cross off several numbers after next weekend.


  1. I love crystal's comment about being last! So positive and so cool!! Congrats on doing this, wow!!!

    1. I just did another 5 k two weeks ago and I finished in half the time. I know this was a 7 K but that is still a BIG improvement.